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“Often, the bride and bridesmaids get most of the attention on the wedding day, so I always knew I wanted something very special for my husband at our wedding. Immediately, I thought of Rachel Park Designs, designer of beautiful handmade ties.

As a Korean adoptee couple, it was important to us to symbolize our cultural duality throughout the ceremony. From the beginning, Rachel and I worked closely together on color and fabric selection, which was symbolically from both the United States and South Korea. She was very professional and very communicative throughout the whole process.

Her designs were such an incredibly special addition to our day. I was so excited to see our custom wedding ties on all our guys! They also make great groomsmen gifts. I would highly recommend working with Rachel Park Designs for unique, custom ties for your wedding day!”




“When we started to plan our ‘surprise wedding,’ I wanted to thank my husband with a gift for being my number one supporter and going through my breast cancer journey with me. I instantly thought of my ‘pink sister,’ Rachel, and Rachel Park Designs. 

Rachel helped me find the perfect tie I was going to surprise him with to wear at our wedding. She made the process very easy, despite being in different cities. She sent me swatches and pictures until we found the perfect one. My husband loved the tie and especially loved the custom pink ribbon we incorporated on the back to symbolize our journey. It was beautifully made and finished his look for our special day!”




“BIG thank you to Rachel Park Designs for an amazing custom-made tie for our 10-year anniversary celebration! Loved working directly with the designer to get just the right look. Incredible quality and service! I highly recommend!”




“Rachel Park made my tie for my wedding day. I loved the tie so much, I also ordered a custom bow tie in the same fabric! Her ties are beautifully handmade and are my favorites. I highly recommend her!”




“Rachel Park is a talented designer. She made the tie I got married in (aka my favorite necktie). The quality is amazing, and I love the texture of the tie. I highly recommend her!”







“My band, The Slants, is always looking to partner with other artists who are doing cutting-edge work. Of course, it’s even better when they also happen to be Asian-American and understand our perspective. Over the years, we discovered Rachel Park Designs. Her ‘unclassic’ style, quality, and taste was a perfect fit for our approach to music and fashion. Recently, we worked with her to create an exclusive tie to rock onstage. It was the perfect balance of color, contrast and flair that complemented our logo and music. It even had a colorful Korean touch in the lining! 

Rachel’s designs are incredible. I always get great comments every time I wear one — I even sported one when I was in Washington, D.C. for our band’s historic trademark case. Needless to say, we won!”




“Nominated for an Emmy [Award], I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear on the red carpet. I then received the nicest tie I’ve ever owned from Rachel Park Designs! You really have to see her work in person! Not only was I blown away by the craftsmanship (I loved the colorful tie lining), but her customer service was amazing, as we worked closely together on fit and fabric before the event. I wore it to the Emmys® with pride!”




“As a former women’s magazine editor and beauty writer, I’ve reviewed my share of fashion and beauty products. Some years ago, my husband was looking for a bow tie to wear to an event and received a gorgeous one from Rachel Park Designs. I could sense the handmade quality by the texture and feel of the bow tie, and Rachel was great in offering recommendations and answering all our questions. To this day, my husband gets tons of compliments every time he wears his Rachel Park Designs bow tie.”




“Rachel Park is an incredible designer of fashionable, handmade ties. As a musician, I recently did a ‘Remember My Red Tie’ contest and received almost 200 entries. The winner received an incredible, handmade tie designed by Rachel Park Designs. The quality is amazing and working with her is such a joy. Thank you to Rachel Park for being a friend and for sharing her talents with the world!”




“I was so happy to get my Rachel Park Designs tie in time for the Korean American Story gala! It means so much to me that I got to wear a custom-made tie by a fellow adoptee to an event that celebrates our shared Korean ethnicity.”




“Recently, I received a handmade tie from Rachel Park Designs. We worked closely together on fabric selection (she wanted to ensure that I loved it!) and fit. Immediately, I was amazed by the incredible quality and loved the colorful touch in the lining! I highly recommend her for unique and beautiful ties!”