Welcome to the Rachel Park Designs blog!

Hi, everyone! To celebrate the new year, I am not only launching my NEW site ... but I am also accomplishing a New Year's "intention" of (finally) starting my NEW BLOG!

Entrepreneur life, along with navigating cancer survivorship, has kept me busy! Since my breast cancer treatment, my ties have been: worn to the Emmys®, shared in a biliingual Korean fashion magazine (super exciting for this Korean-American designer!) and custom-created for special weddings — not to mention the HONOR of my awesome friends, The Slants, wearing their one-of-a-kind tie to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to fight for their trademark name!

I also launched a product near & dear to my heart: The ParkPuff™ seatbelt pillow for breast cancer survivors worldwide. 💗

Now that I have returned to life AFTER cancer, I am determined more than ever to live with meaning and create with purpose. As a menswear designer, I'm excited to connect with you on all things menswear, including tips on ties, weddings and style! Most importantly, I often connect with other incredible creatives within the menswear space  — especially creators of color — and would love to share our inspiring stories here! 

I hope you find some interesting and helpful information on this blog about the fun of menswear and why I love it so much! Feel free to comment on my posts to join the conversation.

If you'd like to learn more of my story, please visit the About page, or connect with me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


Rachel Park