“If you have to wear a tie, why not have some fun doing it? My goal was to always make ties that you actually WANTED to wear. ”



Left: During her chemotherapy phase, Rachel wears one of her signature scarves; Right: At her first fashion event, after her final breast cancer surgery.

Left: During her chemotherapy phase, Rachel wears one of her signature scarves; Right: At her first fashion event, after her final breast cancer surgery.



Rachel Park is a tie designer, breast cancer survivor/awareness advocate and founder of Rachel Park Designs. 

Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in the Midwest, she grew up making clothes for family and friends and loved to sew. Seeing her friends wearing her designs, she would get that exciting feeling of, “Hey, I made that!” which encouraged her to become a fashion designer. 

After graduating with a fashion design degree, she was inspired by the need for men’s neckwear and humdrum selection available to launch Rachel Park Designs. Starting in her kitchen with just a sewing machine and a card table, she created her first ten ties.






Style & Quality

Limited in quantity and handmade of the highest quality in New York City, her unique collection of handmade ties blend exciting colors, striking textures and bold prints with contrast tipping. Her ties have received international press and represent her cultural duality by fusing her Asian heritage with her distinct Brooklyn style. (The beauty is in the details.)


Why Bespoke? 

As a tie-loving (and vertically challenged) woman designing menswear, regular ties hung way too long on her and never fit quite right. Contrary to popular belief, she knew ties were NOT one-size-fits-all. Therefore, her exquisite, distinct made-to-order ties are all bespoke — handmade to fit the individual wearer's proportions — for a truly personalized shopping experience. 


Uniquely You

"Nice tie!" is always the first thing people will say when they see you wearing one. Naturally, you want your tie to express your unique, individual style. She gets it. In addition to her colorful tie collection, she is also happy to help you create custom ties that feel more YOU. 



Weddings & Special Events

After a close friend requested wedding ties for her groom and groomsmen, she started working closely with couples to also create custom ties and bow ties for weddings and special events. (Her tie was also recently worn on the red carpet of the Emmy® Awards). 

She feels honored to co-create custom ties for her clients and to be a unique part of making their big day special. 






Take That, Cancer

After many years in Brooklyn, Rachel relocated to Los Angeles and in 2014, she was diagnosed with stage IIB triple-negative breast cancer. After over a year of 15 rounds of chemotherapy, three surgeries and 32 radiation treatments, she was officially declared cancer-free. This experience led to the development of Survivor Moda and The ParkPuff™ , a stylish chest-comforting, go-anywhere seatbelt pillow for breast cancer survivors worldwide. 

Excited about her second chance at life, she relaunched her collection of luxury ties with a renewed dedication to exquisite quality, beautiful details and exceptional service.


Fun Facts

When she is not designing ties for those special times, she is an advocate for breast cancer awareness. Often told she's "too young for cancer," she is especially passionate about helping other young breast cancer survivors feel less alone. Rachel is a techie/foodie who enjoys coffee, Korean BBQ (not together), going to the beach and playing with her pug.